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But3 now., here he came., leading his raging
herd, and we had no further time to contemplate
danger. Our job was to do as the others had done
all along the line: to He still and wait until the
leading stallion had passed us^and then to jump to
the top of the fence and yell and wave with all the
ferocity that we could command. This was to
keep the maddened herd from crashing the fence
or trying to turn around., and to hasten their
speed into our trap.

'Therumpi therumpy therumpJ On came the
storming herd. As we youngsters peeped
through the brush-covered fence, we could see
their sleek backs bobbing up and down in the
starlit darkness like great billows of raging water.
The turbulent steel-dust stallion was leading them
with front feet wide apart and his forehead sweep-
ing the ground like a pendulum. His death-
dealing heels were swinging alternatingly to the
right and left with each savage leap of his mighty

Once he stopped and tried to breast the on-
coming herd5 but these erstwhile slaves of his
whims struck and knocked him forward with
terrific force. He rose from his knees, and like
something that had gone insane^ he shot his nos-
trils into the air and uttered a fearful bellow of
defiance at any and everything* He seemed to
curse the very stars themselves* Never before